Chairman's Desk

The establishing of the veena vadini Institute of education in Gwalior has indeed been a mission accomplished dream realized a tryst with destiny fulfilled.In the field of education we found the shortage of trained teachers. To fulfill the shortage of teachers we took up the challenge for establishing Veenavadini Teacher's Trainning Institute for mparting high quality professionals in the field of education.We have a sacred mission, a noble aim and an ideal peraption before us. This have enabled us to so much in so little time. It is only a beginning. A Herculean task is ahead of us. We can not affort to rest till we have Nourished to perfection till Veenavadini Teacher's Trainning Institute becoming a light to all other alma maters of it's kind. And till an admission in our institute becomes a cherished dream of all young professional entrants of tommarrow till then we have to incessantly strive and achieve.

The path of our goal may be long with indomitable will and unfailing courage and we are confident to achieve our goal.

Dr. O. P. Gupta